We at Sikh.Vision welcome all those who live as per the Ethos of first Sikh Guru – Guru Nanak the founder of Sikh religion:

  • Nam Japna – Focusing on God
  • Kirat Karna – Earning a honest living
  • Wand Chakna – Selfless service, sharing income and resources with others

Sikh.Vision is here to help all youngsters to achieve their goals and face the future by knowing what they like. Our team will help you to live a full life no matter what challenges you face? We want to see a big smile.

Helping a fellow human live a better life is the ultimate prayer.

Half of young people do not achieve their full potentials because they don’t have enough information to guide them.

Many young people, particularly those from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds, struggle to find stable employment because they lack guidance and information on the demands of the labor market. They include those who are attempting to move from farm to off-farm employment in order to earn more and diversify their sources of income.

You maybe unsure about the future but we can guide you to success !
Sikh.Vision promises to help you achieve your goals.

One way to improve labor market outcomes for young people is to provide them with career guidance and employment services.

Our services will start on the day of Vaisakhi : April 14, 2022

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