ਅਪ੍ਰੈਲ 30, 2023

Sikh.Vision’s new project:

Charter of

  1. Mission: The mission of is to promote transparency and accountability in the functioning of  government of Panjab, India by providing a platform for citizens to submit the copies of their grievances and monitor the government’s response.
  2. Vision: Our vision is to raise the awareness of Panjabis and make them responsible citizens by participating in democratic process in Panjab, So that the citizens have a voice in shaping policies and holding their elected representatives accountable.
  3. Objectives:
  • To provide a secure and user-friendly platform for citizens to submit their grievances to various departments of the Panjab government.
  • To monitor and track the responses of the government to the grievances submitted by citizens.
  • To facilitate citizen participation in the decision-making process of the government by creating an open forum for discussion and debate.
  • To raise awareness about the issues affecting the people of Panjab and mobilize citizens to take action through peaceful and nonviolent means.
  1. Guiding Principles:
  • Transparency: We believe in complete transparency in all our operations and interactions with our users.
  • Accountability: We are committed to holding the government accountable for its actions and decisions.
  • Nonviolence: We believe in the power of peaceful and nonviolent means to bring about positive change.
  • Inclusiveness: We are committed to creating an inclusive platform that is accessible to all citizens of Panjab, regardless of their background or beliefs.
  • Innovation: We strive to be innovative in our approach to problem-solving and to adapt to changing circumstances.

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