1st Historical Christian Sikh Dalogue

On 5 July, the World Council of Churches (WCC) will convene its first-ever formal Christian-Sikh dialogue. In commemoration of the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, the first guru of the Sikhs, the dialogue is being held as the Global Sikh Council meets in Switzerland.

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Tribute to Guru Arjan Ji

Guru Arjan Ji, the fifth Guru of the Sikh community, is a spiritual and cultural icon of the Panjabi community. His teachings of love, compassion, and social justice have inspired millions around the world. As we celebrate his birthday, we honor his legacy and reflect on the lessons that he has left for us. Guru […]

Read More – Where Sikhs generate and share ideas, is a website created to improve Sikh lifestyle. Created in 2017, this website is taking the urgent issues of Sikhs and proposing solutions. These issues are from wide ranging fields starting from improvements in Gurdwaras to adopting social reforms. See below a list:

Read More is a project born under the umbrella of Sikh.Vision to help unite the Sikh community efforts in the NGO world. Emphasizing the the 3 principles of Sikhi as perscribed by Guru Nanak: is the largest directory of Sikh NGOs, Societies, Associations, Foundations, Trusts, etc. on the internet.

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